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We are a distributor for all water treatment products. Give us a call today for your free,

in-home consultation for a new water softener, water purifier, or filtration system!

Ask about our best-sellers to find out what discount you qualify for today!

Water Softener
Water Softener
Water Softener
Saltless System
Whole House Filter
RO Holding Tank
RO System
Water Softener
Water Softener
Water Softener

"They offer the best products in the business, the excellent service is just an added bonus!"

A+ Water carries the best selection of water softeners throughout the United States.  No matter the size of your house or family, we have the right water softener to meet your needs and budget.


The key to purchasing a great softener for your home starts with selecting a well educated, detail-oriented company.  You need a company with personal integrity and with a passion for excellence in customer service and product development.  Second, you need a company that is willing to come to your house for free and listen to your needs. We will help educate you on the best options in water treatment and installation for your home.  Our company focuses on customer service, researching advancements in technology, and training helpful employees.


We offer free, in-home estimates to explore the best option for your needs! We sell our softeners for the most competitive prices.


Also check out some of our Special Offers on new product purchases! You may be eligible for one of these incredible discounts!

  • Special Utah Senior Citizen Discount

  • Active Military Discount

  • $200 Trade-In Special

  • Discounts for School Teachers

-Tina (satisfied customer)

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